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Through the keyhole March 4, 2008

Filed under: utterly random posts — paulabrown @ 9:36 pm

through-the-keyhole.jpg   through-the-keyhole-logo.jpg

Here’s a funny thought, well it seemed funny to me, I was tidying up the other day and wondered what someone would make of us if they were playing that classic gameshow Through the Keyhole. Half finished craft projects, a lot of books on traditional woodworking and building techniques, some high flutin’ reads (c/o Nige I hasten to add), some guitars, a lot of dusty recipe books and gardening books, loads of kid’s music, books and all manner of puppets, ropes, balls, face paints.

When you go into people’s houses that you don’t know well, as I do quite often with my work, I always wonder if I could guess their interests etc accurately or whether I’d be totally off the mark. Anyway, next time you’re tidying up or even going as far as cleaning, have a think what strangers might make of you.


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