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The Rubbish Diet March 9, 2008

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It’s Zero Waste Week this week so check out this cracking site about reducing food waste – apparently 1/3 of food gets thrown away. The Rubbish Diet is an idea, all about slimming your bin and reducing all the rubbish that ends up in landfill. Also, to get kids in the spirit, have them listen to this Click here to listen

Check out that sites recipe ideas for using up old bits or this for leftover quesadillas – Keep a pack of flour tortillas handy with leftover veggies like sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, etc. Then hunt through the fridge and pull out all those scraps of leftover cheese – the wedge of stilton, the finger of gruyere, the wedge of cheddar, and put the lot together in minutes.
By Jill Dupliex
  • Shopping with waste in mind get your kids to look out for products with little packaging and to be in charge of taking bags
  • Cooking with waste in mind though you should give your kids new tastes, a radically new and different meal is likely to result in more leftovers
  • No-Waste Packed Lunches try to pack the food in reusable containers, avoiding cling film if you can
  • Reducing Food Waste through Composting, lots of fun for kids especially with a work composter
  • Buying gifts with waste in mind If you are buying presents for birthday parties etc, look out for toys that have very little packaging, books of course have no packaging
  • Get your school involved Healthy Schools or Eco Schools initiatives as well as supporting local Zero Waste Week campaign. Some schools plan Zero Waste lunches. All funds raised being directed towards sustainable products such as wormeries, which have both practical and educational value.

Thanks to Karen Cannard, the author of The Rubbish Diet blog, for those tips. Follow her progress to see if she can slim her bin in time for her local Zero Waste Week which starts on 10 March 2008. www.therubbishdiet.blogspot.com. All hints and tips from those with more experience will be gratefully received.


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    1. Hi Paula – Thanks for the mention. I just thought I’d take the opportunity to do a plug for my stint on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, which is being broadcast every day this week, featuring hints and tips from The Rubbish Diet. If you go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/womanshour, you can listen live every day between 10-11am. There is also a Listen Again option on their website.

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