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A blue day… March 13, 2008

Filed under: utterly random posts — paulabrown @ 9:08 am

Today is a blue day. I’ve recently started colour coding my days for amusement – red days are days of high energy or of being cross, green days calm and serene or days spent mostly outdoors. Yellow days are happy days or days when I eat a lot of butter. Or ice cream. Or cheese. Blue days tend to follow as I realise that I shouldn’t have eaten all that yellow stuff. Purple days are days spent in deep spiritual contemplation. I haven’t had one of those yet but it’s early days…
You can also categorise children – my two preschool boys remind me so much of puppies sometimes it’s not funny (high-energy, simple, loyal, friendly) so they are now categorised into dog days. Today was a quiet, serene labrador day but most days are red setter days, occasionally lumbering Great Dane days or yappy Jack Russell days. Some days they are like our old Samoyed (white fluffy husky-like and awfully cute) and often they are like Jackalls. If you’re a dog lover and have boys -try it!
If you’re really getting into categorising stuff and like chocolate you can also do it for people, working on this complex equation: chocolate = good, bread / biscuit etc = bad so that bread roll people are horrible; pain au chocolat people don’t appear to be so nice but really have a heart of, well, chocolate; Kit Kat people seem nice on the outside but there’s nothing inside worth writing home about (and they are made by Nestle); Penguin bar people are great through and through and Green and Blacks’ 70% cocoa dark chocolate(or Maya Gold) are the best people of all… (apologies for product placement, please substitute with your preferred brand / home cooking)…
I realise it’s very probable that you will have better things to do with your time and thoughts but I thought I’d share anyway…

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