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Things you don’t want to hear your kids say… March 14, 2008

Filed under: the kids,utterly random posts — paulabrown @ 1:44 pm

from Mumsnet:

  • 5 kids upstairs one shouted down ‘Mum, we need something sharp’ then one of them shouted ‘never mind, we’ve found something’
  • in a public loo… ‘Oh Mummy, how sad, you don’t have a willy. I will buy you one from the shop….’
  • ‘Mummy, would you like me to draw you a picture of some snot!’… said loudly in a cafe
  • “my Daddy’s got a HUGE willy, and it has an ENORMOUS arrow-head…”
  • “I’m going to try to start a fire”
  • to Grandad who was in the shower “My daddy’s got one of those but it’s bigger than yours!”
  • to her Godmother’s face and told her ‘you look like a pig.’
  • in the Ladies’ loos at Debenhams: “Mum, have you got the bleeding bottom business again?”
  • “What the HELL are you doing?” DS, 2.5 at his mum preparing his lunch.
  • “I like my willy but I can’t cuddle it, awww. Daddy do you cuddle your willy?”
  • gran to child ‘we dont’ put our fingers in our mouths do we as we know where they’ve been…?’ response – ‘Yes, we do, on my willy’
  • “Ummm, mummy’s not going to be very happy with us…” at 6am on a Sunday morning.
  • “Oh dear, the blue bead is gone” while rootling around nose with finger.

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