Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Kid’s punk March 18, 2008

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So we went to the Cube cinema on Sunday for a kid’s gig with two bands – some nice young lads called Go Dutch playing nice music which the kids loved and adored their mid-teenness – strumming their mini guitars in the front row.

Then Kid Carpet playing ‘kiddy punk’ with numbers like ‘signing on’ (hey kids you’ll end up doing this one day…) etc check out the link. He has created ‘electwrongica’ using toy guitars, re-wired Simon Says machines and ancient games of Ker-Plunk. Gabe won his dancing competition (the prize was a ‘massive ego’), Gabe was very disappointed that he didn’t win a massive ‘eagle’ and so Kid Carpet ran off to find a sample CD which Gabe was much happier with. The stage ended up littered with moshing toddlers all precariously tripping over wires and stage diving into their dads arms, absolutely hilarious and totally surreal at the very same time!


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