Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Stitch n Bitch March 20, 2008

Filed under: the kids — paulabrown @ 8:41 pm


So a lot of my mum-of-two (with one preschool and one at school) friends are all commenting on how we seem to be seeing light at the end of the long, dark, proverbial tunnel. We don’t even spend the first half an hour of meeting up competing in the ‘littlest sleep’ competition or spend half the morning trying to scrub that porridge / snot / sick off our shoulders. Life is beginning to feel vaguely normal, despite the eternal sense of chaos.

And social lives are coming back. Instead of days and days on end in working or tidying or watching some rubbish I’m out with a friend, at a storytelling caper or even exercising and I’ve got to go now as I’m meant to be at a Stitch and Bitch get-together. Easter weekend is busy and sociable, hoorah! And low and behold I’m thinking that thought when I read:

Partying parents, brighter kids: Parents about to embark on a weekend of partying shouldn’t feel guilty…new research shows that kids whose parents have healthy social lives outperform other children at school. Experts have always known that children with good social skills do better academically than those who lack them, but the new study from Sheffield University shows the same is true if their parents are outgoing. Dr Karl Taylor, who conducted the research, said the results also showed that social activity was beneficial regardless of the parents’ educational backgrounds and class. (Times 15.03.08)


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