Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Stories… March 27, 2008

Filed under: storytelling — paulabrown @ 10:29 pm

Folk Tales is a monthly evening of story, music and other random acts which I discovered a few months ago and has substantially added to the already copious amounts of joy in my life. Last night there was a lovely French man making a wall of sound with the aid of us all clapping (fairly) rhythmically, a lovely guy who’d recently been on the TV show ‘Upstaged’ who did a lovely musical piece telling the life story of someone he’d met on a train, celebrating the ‘ordinary’ which is always nice…

There was a gorgeous story about a levitating princess and an amazing guitarist or two. It’s such a lovely atmospheric venue and great mixture of music, stories, songs, joy, moving moments and there’s also chocolate biscuits. Check out their site on MySpace.

We were so inspired that a few of us are re-waking the Bristol Storytelling Cafe open mic night at La Ruca from its dormancy, due to restart May 15th so please do come…

We’re also organising a fundraiser for the Precious Drops breast milk for neonatal babies fundraising appeal – a Celebration of Life evening of music, stories and comedy and there’s an adult Pirate Night in the offing (June 12th at the Landsdown) – evening of sea shanties, stories and music, pirate dress optional.


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