Happy Tracks in the Snow

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This week March 27, 2008

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The boiler is slightly closer to being fixed but what with Nige re-plastering the kids’ bedroom wall and the contents of their room being in ours, the heating back off again and no hot water until tomorrow, it’s a bit chaotic to say the least.

The kids are monstrously tired after the bank holiday (a lot of catching up with lovely people) as are we and we’re so looking forward to our holiday to Spain to see my folks (first time out of the country for 2 years for me and nearly 3 for Nige), I’m dusting down my Spanish and to get into the spirit my mum’s sent me a black and red spotty flamenco dress which I fully intend to wear at festivals with my long dark curly hair wig. I was considering handing our orange quarters. Photo to follow…

I’ve been reading a book called Pirattitude – ‘So You Wanna Be a Pirate – Here’s How!’ which advocates imagining a song (not necessarily piratical) playing whenever you walk into a room. The choice of song is very important apparently and so far all I’ve come up with is ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now’ by Starship… Any thoughts welcome.

Despite this we’re definitely feeling light at the end of the proverbial child tunnel with the boys playing brilliantly together and insisting at the weekend that we don’t have to get up and that they’ll play in their room by themselves…

So I’ve been mistaken for a student twice recently – once by the grandad of a child whose party I was doing and once by a young guy who I realised in retrospect was probably chatting me up (it was dark) at a storytelling event I dashed to one evening on my own. It was when he asked how many people I lived with that I clicked (as I was half way through saying ‘3 guys’). Now despite my baby face I have a lot of grey hairs and a rapidly increasing number of wrinkles so I was both amazed and ecstatic about this mistake… The question is should I be flattered that they thought I looked young or a bit worried that they might be referring more to my scruffiness?

Guitar lessons start next week, gulp.


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