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And she’s back… July 13, 2008

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Above Glastonbury…

The blog is back and what a long 4 months it’s been. We went to Spain in April and climbing a mountain and lived there for a few days in a yurt (the kids loved it though Jude kept asking where the bath / TV / toys were – honestly what a City Boy). We visited my parents which was great, lots of beach time and reading and kids mooching about.

We’ve relaunched the Bristol Storytelling Cafe night at La Ruca which has been great, lots of opportunity to practice stories which are coming along nicely for both adults and kids. We did a fundraising night for the Precious Drops (breast milk bank for neonatal babies) – stories and music which was great and of course the Pirate Convention which was a jigging, sea shanty singing, ale swishing kind of night with spectacular costumes and a great pirate punk band, the Surfin’ Turnips. Loads of storytelling project ideas on the go too…

The kids are great and coming to the end of Reception and pre-preschool year. We went to Glastonbury which they loved and did Tatty Bumpkin sessions there, we attempted to go to Sunrise but got towed out by a tractor through the mud :o(. Tatty Bumpkin has gone from strength to strength but more of that anon. Nige is doing some environmental play ranger work which he’s enjoying.


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