Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Idle Pleasures… September 5, 2008

Filed under: quality of life — paulabrown @ 9:45 am

beat the post-summer blues and indulge yourself in one of these this autumn…

taking a bath, poking the fire, slouching, leaf catching, waiting for the tea to brew, messing about in boats, tree houses, strolling through the city, procrastinating, the deckchair, taking a nap, deja vu, public benches, river swimming, reclining on the top deck of the bus, the beach, just looking, melancholy, walking with toddlers, singing, sunbeams, sticking matchsticks in vegetables to make vegetable aliens, looking at maps, gathering food from the hedgerows, putting out the washing, being ill, sleeping in your clothes, sitting on the loo, grottos, face pulling, competitions, tree climbing, reading poetry, sleeping outside, dreaming, telling, stories, feeling the wind in your hair, staring, dressing gown, autumnal sneezing, chatting to the postman, learning the names of trees, writing a real letter, conkers, wandering round old churches, shadow watching, garden shed, sit down protests, contemplation of things that fly, squeezing bubble, wrap, whistling, whittling, morning sex, getting dressed, smiling, breast feeding, libraries, doodling, slippers, skimming stones, pacing, merry making, lying around in fields, butterfly hunting, cloud watching, hiding, snow, charity shops, leaning on gates, overnight trains, star gazing, gossip, philosophising, good company, building houses of cards, cycling, dancing, choosing to get wet in the, rain, launderettes, reading Edward Lear poems out loud to children, folding paper, reading gravestones, walking back home drunk, bell ringing, lying in hammocks