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Story Proof August 19, 2013

Filed under: storytelling — paulabrown @ 8:04 am

Great book! Story Proof

This book collects and analyses the research which proves the importance of story, story reading and storytelling to the brain development and education of children and adults. The author, an accomplished researcher and storyteller, posits the need for understanding the research findings in the area of neural psychology and brain development, and the value of a common definition, in order to fully grasp the importance and necessity of story to the development of the human mind. The book also reviews the wealth of research from storytellers, teachers and others who have experienced first hand the power of story.The author has collected anecdotal experiences from over 100 performing storytellers and from 1,800 story practitioners (mostly teachers) who have made extensive use of stories. He draws on more than 150 research studies that discuss the effectiveness of stories and storytelling in education, organisational management, knowledge management, and medical narrative therapy. He has also gathered research evidence from his own story performances for total audiences of over 4 million and from conducting story writing workshops with 200,000 students and 40,000 teachers. Remarkably, every one of these thousands of original sources agrees that stories work and that they are effective.

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