Happy Tracks in the Snow

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Nuschka October 5, 2007

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For a reason unbeknown to myself, I reminisced this evening about my lovely ex-pet Nuschka, a samoyed who looked like a fluffy cloud. Bless her she never had puppies and I’m sure this made her a bit loopy. She was meant to be one breed away from a wolf but spent most of her evenings on the sofa with my parents who fed her wine and all manner of treats.

Mum even brushed her daily and had her hair made into a woolly jumper (OK so both owner and pet a little loopy methinks). I wore said jumper out walking her one day for a bet from my friend, I too looked a little loopy and got extremely overheated and had to stop at the pub on the way home. Lost a lot of street cred in my little village but all fun nonetheless…