Happy Tracks in the Snow

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What a mum says in a day, in a 2 minute song October 13, 2007

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Singing in the rain – the tale of a very soggy Street Party! September 24, 2007

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So the sun shone all week and has done since but the afternoon of the street party was a wet one. But more bonding was done under the slightly leaking canvas of our gazebo than would have happened dotted about the street at tables in the sun!

People brought pictures of one of the first airplanes every manufactured in Britain (about 2 miles away at Filton where British Aerospace are based) taking a little trip using the now Bristol Rovers ground (about 50m from our street) as a runway. There were pictures of street parties for the Jubilee and Di’s wedding, some hot dog consumption and a lot of banter. Nige (DH) had made the kids a go cart out of old bike bits and they loved not having cars on the street and whizzing down with too many of them bundled in!

Check out Streets Alive website if you fancy having one yourself (they are Bristol based and apparently we are the street party capital of Europe with one small area having over 25 in the summer!). I highly recommend it and it was the easiest and cheapest party to organise as we kept it dead simple! Photos to follow!


Recommended Reading: The Dangerous Book for Boys! June 19, 2007

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Switch off your television set and go and buy the Dangerous Book for Boys! We love this book – it’s so British and old-fashioned. Gabe has already made the lighthouse at Alexandria (Ancient Wonder of the World) out of cardboard boxes and we’re all looking forward to a good game of conkers/chess/bear baiting (OK the latter isn’t included).

Here’s a brief synopsis:

How many other books will help you thrash someone at conkers, race your own go-cart, and identify the best quotations from Shakespeare? “The Dangerous Book for Boys” gives you facts and figures at your fingertips – swot up on the solar system, learn about famous battles and read inspiring stories of incredible courage and bravery.

Teach your old dog new tricks. Make a pinhole camera. Understand the laws of cricket. There’s a whole world out there: with this book, anyone can get out and explore it. “The Dangerous Book for Boys” is written with the verve and passion that readers of Conn Iggulden’s number one bestselling novels have come to expect. This book, his first non-fiction work, has been written with his brother as a celebration of the long summers of their youth and as a compendium of information so vital to men of all ages.

Lavishly designed and fully illustrated in color and black and white throughout, it’s set to be a perfect gift for Father’s Day and beyond. Chapters in “The Dangerous Book for Boys” include: The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, Conkers, Laws of Football, Dinosaurs, Fishing, Juggling, Timers and Tripwires, Kings and Queens, Famous Battles, Spies, Making Crystals, Insects and Spiders, Astronomy, Girls, The Golden Age of Piracy, Secret Inks, Patron Saints of Britain, Skimming Stones, Dog Tricks, Making a Periscope, Coin Tricks, Marbles, Artillery, The Origin of Words, and The Solar System….

£10 at Amazon