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Flexibility May 9, 2008

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Ooh the things you can do if you’re flexible…


Award-hungry March 13, 2008

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OK so I’m getting carried away but 2 more voting type affairs – this one for Barefoot Book’s brilliant book The Tear Thief vote here

And this for Babygroe’s Natural Choice Awards (Tatty Bumpkin is as natural as it gets but obviously you can put anything you choose here).



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If you’re toying with going to a festival check out Festival News or Efestivals

Tatty Bumpkin will be at:

  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Shambala
  • Sunrise Celebration
  • Green Man
  • Ragged Hedge Fair

If you’re undecided about whether it’s a good thing to do with kids, check out an old post of mine on the topic.


pesticides March 4, 2008

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I have written on the topic of pesticides and fabric before, a pet subject of mine. But here it is in a nutshell – organic cotton clothing saves one cup of pesticides per item (e.g. top / skirt). Reasonably priced organic clothing can be bought from Tatty Bumpkin (yes I know you know this already), People Tree, Bishopston Trading Company, Hug, Seasalt and coupled with as many charity shop purchases as you can muster make for a not unreasonably expensive, reasonably glamorous and extremely environmental clothing option.

For more on this subject visit a multitude of environmental sites including Women’s Environmental Network, Friends of the Earth, Soil Association , People Tree etc.

STOP PRESS Yes Dan you’re right it’s a very destructive plant compared with hemp or bamboo for that matter (which Tatty Bumpkin’s children’s clothes are made from). There is a new range of underwear made from wood just out too – spun wood pulp which makes a fabric. Nice


Awards awards awards

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I know some of you have heard this already at least once (due to my mismanaged multiple email lists) so forgive my bragging:

Please share in my child-at-Christmas levels of excitement for a moment: Tatty Bumpkin has just won a national award for Best Physical Children’s Class – awards run by What’s On for Little Ones and sponsored by Organix, the organic children’s food company and with the likes of the children’s activity giants such as Tumble Tots in the line-up.  Thanks to everyone who voted, I know lots of you did and to you for enjoying Tatty!

Now Tatty was not my brainchild but as the first person to teach the sessions and a significant contributor to the programme, I’m going throw modesty to the wind and take a fair sized chunk of the credit!  Was it the incredible therapeutic benefits that helped us win? The magic, adventure and imaginative qualities? The opportunities for bonding between carer and child? The deftly woven-in educational input or the good old-fashioned fun for all concerned?

Whatever it was, do feel free to bombard me with enquiries for parties (works remarkably well and always fun), day nursery bookings, information on the sessions at preschools, playgroups, toddler groups, schools (inc anything to do with Healthy Schools, Active Schools, Arts Week, Storytelling Week / World Book Day and Extended Schools) as well as private classes (St Andrews on a Monday, Redland on a Tuesday and more to come)… www.paulabrown.tattybumpkin.com

“Tatty Bumpkin is humongously great and Paula is a very nice girl!”, Connor aged 3


proof that young children are natural yogis February 6, 2008

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this is me at 6 months doing a darn good snake pose and considering the downward dog…



calm after the storm February 1, 2008


So the fifth birthday has come and gone, complete with 34 small boys dressed as pirates and 2 small princesses watching the antics of a grown man dressed as a pirate (aka Captain Barnacle / Mr Brown’s Pig). Turning 5 made Gabe question his own mortality with a lot of discussion about death and the apparent belief that he was now that much closer to his own…

This week also saw me jumping neatly out of my comfort zone to perform in the Bristol Storytelling Festival’s Storytelling Slam Competition thingy. No I didn’t win but I didn’t make a fool of myself either and was even voted for by real people and everything. I chose a Cuban folk tale from Barefoot’s ‘Riddle Me This’ by the wonderful Hugh Lupton – a brilliant book about riddles and puzzling tales.

I have to confess to being one of the transgressors who’s tangled up in the Inland Revenue’s website problems, still haven’t filed my return as it’s still down, painstakingly reconciling stock in and out for the books was fun, especially as I hadn’t kept my records up-to-date. I won’t even bother to say it won’t be like that next year!

Next week is Chinese New Year so I’ll be running all over Bristol doing special Tatty Bumpkin sessions at nurseries, schools and the like with my big papier mache dragon head… Some activities to come on that…